Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaching Tuesday 1-17-14 Homeschooling with a toddler!

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       When I became pregnant with my last child I new that homeschooling my other older children would be more difficult because I would need to be there for her while still being able to tech the others. This can be so difficult sometimes! Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind!
     My toddler is very demanding!(and so are the other ones!) I don't know if you have seen the clip from Family Guy (I don't watch the show but it is a popular clip) where Stewie is standing next to his mothers bed. She is laying there looking completely exhausted and tired. I can relate! The Stewie starts "Mom, momma, momma, mommy! MOM! Mommy! MAMA!" she looks at him and says "What?" He says "I love you!" and runs off. STORY OF MY LIFE!! Lilah does this except of saying I love you she says "CUP!" or "Yo Gabba Gabba" or "Barney!" Do you see the pattern here? I swear I am going to change my name!! I remember when she first started talking. She said Dada so much more than mama. My husband looked at me and said "That will change." Ah yes, he was right! Oh, how he was right!
      Fastfoward to now and trying to home school with that going on. I had to do something, it was getting out of hand. I tried a few different suggestions that just didn't work, so I took matters into my own hands. Lilah is the type who feels like she is a big girl and wants to do the same things that he siblings are doing. I was watching her the one day while my daughter was in her living learning class and the class was singing a song and Lilah really got into it and then it hit me! I can be teaching her and them at the same time. I printed letter coloring sheets, made sensory bins for her and talked to her like I was talking to the older kids and for the most part this works. She is learning and being a big girl at the same time so both sides are happy! This doesn't mean that we have those days where she just isn't interested in anything except what I am doing. These days you have to breathe through and allow yourself to be flexible to adjust to days that can be frustrating and exhausting!

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