Monday, January 6, 2014

Mommy Monday's 1-6-14

Lilah - Bean :)
So this is my littlest. Her name is Lilah. (pronounced: Lie-la) She is 2 and if you can't tell from the picture, she is a lively little girl. I hadn't planned on having 5 kids and finding out that I was pregnant with her was, well, kinda shocking. I love being a mom but I really hadn't planned on having anymore children. I am glad that I have her though. When she was born we nick-named her "Bean." It stuck with her and while she knows her name she will still respond to "Bean!" All of my girls have been strong willed spirits and Lilah is no exception.
She has just recently learned to say "come on" and "sit down" which she loves to yell at me and her siblings. She is just so full of life and pretty much a happy little girl. Just like most women and girls though she has another side. Her little diva side. Oh yes! Don't let that cute smile and head full of curls fool you! She can throw a tantrum like no body's business. She is also a screamer. With my other daughter, Natalie, she wold have tantrums but luckily not in public. She had an image to protect! Not my Bean! The more people look at her the better! At least in her eyes! Nothing better that a violent, screaming, flailing little 2 year old in the middle of Wal-Mart during holiday shopping! With this said we enter toilet training. Or in my case - lack there of! I want her to be out of diapers, but she just won't have it. Oh she'll sit there and smile at me, she'll say "bye, bye poop" when her siblings use the potty, but her herself? Nothing, Nada! I even caught her standing next to the Christmas tree, squatting, red faced and grunting. When I asked her if she was going potty she responded with her favorite word "No!" of course not, don't believe your lying eyes mommy! I have tried and tried with her but she just refuses to go. Oh she'll sit there and smile at me. She'll say "Bye,Bye Poo!," to her siblings when they flush. But that's it. It was so easy with the boys! I just lunched a Cheerio in there and they fire away. They weren't afraid of the toilet even when they needed to sit down on it! My girls? My girls must think that It (you know from Stephen King's It) lives in the toilet or something. Not only won't she go, but she doesn't let me change her diaper. Nothing is simple with her, unless she approves of your actions. She's kinda of like a cat, except cats don't yell at you, or throw temper tantrums! :) Tomorrows post is Teaching Tuesdays!

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