Monday, January 20, 2014

Mommy Monday 1-20-14 When Children Worry

Aiden on my Dad's tractor
     In today's post I am going to introduce you to Aiden. Aiden is 7 and he is the second to the last of my babies. When Aiden was born he had jaundice really bad and had to stay under lights to help his levels come down but they were so high that the doctor was worried that if they went any higher he would develop brain damage. Thankfully the lights began to work he turned out alright. These were some of my most difficult times. I was not allowed to hold him other than feeding him. The nurses had taken a surgical mask and turned it into a "diaper," and had also crafted little sunglasses from gauze to protect his little eyes. He was a sight! but he was such a good baby. He was so quiet, all the nurses just loved him. The doctor had cleared me to go home a few days after delivery but told me that little Aiden needed to stay a few days longer. What was I too do?? I had two other children at home waiting for me to bring home their little brother! How could I leave him there in that condition? What if something happened and I wasn't there?? But at the same time my other kids were worried about me and at this point they were really limiting my contact with him, so I really felt like I was just in the nurses way. I was so torn. I decided to head home and come back the next morning. What a horrible feeling it was to walk into the house after giving birth and not having the child there. I can't even imagine the pain that mothers who have lost there children must feel. My heart goes out to them. Just the thought of that causes a rock in my stomach. Anyway, after returning home I made it through the night but was anxious to get back up there. After a few days he began to get better and eventually was released under the pretense that we had to come up everyday for blood test and keep him on lights at home. Days by day he grew stronger and healthier and now you would never know that anything had been wrong with him. God gave me the strength in my time and need and he also used this time to show me some good in people too. The nurses were all so nice to me and took really great care of Aiden and put me at ease (as much as they could, you just can't really get rid of worry!)I did notice that Aiden has a really great sense of smell from being blindfolded while in the incubator. It really is amazing! He used to have to smell everyone that came around! If I am making something or use a new perfume he is the first to notice! At first I just thought it was a quirk of his but then it had donned on me that it was because of being in the incubator.

     Now Aiden is 7. He is a man's man. Everyone thinks he is just the cutest. He loves sports but prefers football and has dreams of playing in the NFL, for the Pittsburgh Steelers, his favorite team. He was been into football since he was 2. He has sat and watched games and learned about the game. He gets on the computer and checks football stats, and he worries. He worries about everything and anything! He constantly thinks the worst will happen! We had to go to a funeral before Christmas and now Aiden is afraid of the terrible things that could happen to a person. I am trying to comfort him but he still worries. Sometimes I am at loss for words but I let him know that I love him and that one day we will all pass away but that we can't sit around wondering what could happen to us but we need to realize that we are not promised a tomorrow so make the best of today and spend time with you loved ones! (Stop fighting with your sister!!) It breaks my heart to see him worry so much. I wish that I protect him from the hurt in the world, but unfortunately I can't, but I can be a shoulder to lean on and a open ear. They grow up too fast!

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  1. Such a great post. It's amazing what happens to someone as a baby really has an impact on their lives. I am convinced that Mariella is a mommy's girl because we spent a few days at Children's Hospital when she was a week old. I never left her side and slept in the recliner with her in my arms. She is super clingy now and I think she always will be.