Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Craft Corner - DIY Salt Dough Easter eggs

Hey Guys with Easter coming I wanted to a fun and simple cute craft so I present... Salt Dough Easter Eggs! It is quite easy to do and if you have different cookie cutters you can do these for all the different holidays!

Things you will need:
rolling pin
cookie cuts or something to make your shape with
a pen (optional)
ribbon (optional)
nail file (optional)

So first you have to make your dough. The recipe is simple:

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup Luke warm water

What to do:
Mix your dry ingredients in a large bowl
slowly add water and mix
(you can also add food coloring to color the dough but since I am painting the dough I did not do this step)

Pretty Simple right?

Ok! Then you need to flour the surface you will be working on so that the dough doesn't stick.
Once you do this you can roll out the dough to you're desired thickness.

After you do that get whatever instrument you are going to use to cut your shape. I actually used the top of a conditioner lid.
After that place the shapes on a cookie sheet (I was able to fit 24 eggs and had a nice size ball of left over dough!)

Once that is complete you can take a pen and put a hole near the top in case you want to hang them by ribbon
Place them in an oven that is preheated to 200 degrees and bake them for 2 hours. Once they are done, allow them to cool and paint away! After mine cooled they had some rough edges from not using a cookie cutter but I used my nail file to file the edges away. I am still painting mine and need some different colored paint but here are two that are painted (just not how I like!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mommy Mondays - 3/3/14 Somedays you just don't feel like doing it

(image courtesy of antpkr/
I'm going to have a moment of honesty with you right now. Some days you just don't want to do it. Some days you just wan to throw in the towel. You wake hounded by "Can we have breakfast!" Followed by the baby telling you to "Change my butt!" and then it turns into fighting between the two middle children. Then is then followed by some teeth pulling to get them to sit and do school. Just when you think you get a break you hear "Is it lunch time at yet?" It just keeps going, and as moms we can feel spread too thin. With all the stress that has been going on I now that my fuse is shorter than normal. (not that I had a long fuse to begin with!) I know that I have been alttle extra hard on the kids and I feel bad about it. The one morning I woke up and I just was feeling totally convicted. I felt like God was bombarding me with all the things that I need to be working on.This was a day after I felt like throwing in the towel. I had been doing all of the things that I had told the kids not to do. I wasn't controlling my temper, I wasn't using loving words, I just wanted to be miserable and because I was miserable I made the children miserable and in turn they became miserable as well. Job well done mom! I felt awful the next day. Something needed to change. I was viewing my children as an enemy of sorts. I am not one who handles change well. I can't make huge leaps and bounds in one day, so I decided to start small. I decided to sincerely hug each child everyday. The first day I did I really got hit with reality. I went to hug my daughter Natalie, who is 9, and as I went to hug her she shrugged her shoulders and looked at me and said "What's wrong??!" I couldn't believe that she felt something had to be wrong for me to hug her. When I hugged my 10 year old son her got a huge grin on his face and I knew he felt the love in my hug. It wasn't a quick hug before bed it was meaningful. I took that little extra time to tell him I love him. Day 2: Natalie is more receptive of the hug. I catch my 10 year old coming in the house so I stop him to give him a hug. I couldn't believe how great I was feeling from just hugging them sincerely! I told him that I missed how we used to hug.It didn't used to be this way, he was my buddy. He is such an amazing son, and such a wonderful big brother! He says to me "Yeah well you are usually angry all the time." He didn't say it snidely, or cruelly, he said it, well he said it sadly. It broke my heart and I vowed that this would end. Is that how my children really see me? I'm not really angry all the time, alot of the time I am just frustrated but maybe my frustrated face is the same as my angry face. The time while they are little is short and it flies by so stop what you are doing and hug those angels. We do what we do because we love them, they need us and we need them. We need to cherish these moments because a time will come where my boys will be embarrassed by me when I hug them, and that's fine, but until that day comes I will cherish the innocence they still have and cherish their unconditional love.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where have I been? 3/2/14

I don't even know where to begin this post! I feel awful that I have been away from blogging but sometimes life happens and you have to step away and deal with some reality. That's what I was doing, dealing with some major reality. I had been feeling so buried under life that I couldn't write. I don't think that even wanted to see the word in front of my face because the weight was just so intrusive. Without going into too much details we will put it this way. I was expecting a good some of money and then I lost it. I am not going to disclose the exact amount because what is a good some of money to someone might be small or larger to someone else. Anyway, when I was on the phone and learned of this news, I hung up, snaking, with the sickest feeling in the world and I literally became physically sick. We were depending on this money to catch up on bills, pay rent, handle the majority of our finical problems. We had plans to get new beds for the kids and even be able to paint a few rooms of the house. Point is is that we really thought it was a guarantee. Well, it would have been had I had not had an outstanding student loan. They took the entire refund. I know that this is totally my fault for not taking care of it sooner, I can't make an excuse for myself except for some really stupid choices. Look, I'm human, I make mistakes. Believe me I am really learning something here, and I feel bad that something like this had to happen for our eyes to be opened on how we handle our finances. But this give us a rare opportunity to get on top of things again. It is going to be hard, but there hasn't been very many easy roads for us as it is. This gives us a chance to grow and become stronger and in a weird way has brought my husband and I closer together. Not at first though. We are a young couple and sometimes there are still moments of immaturity. I won't deny that, I am a work in progress, and I make mistakes. We placed the blame game for a awhile, but I think that we weren't ready to be mad that the people who really caused this mess in the first place. It was US. Not one or the other. I think it was easier to put the blame on the other person rather than on ourselves. BUT once we were honest with each and placed blame where it rightly belonged, it made us face the reality together. So yeah for the past few weeks we have been trying to dig out of the mess we made for ourselves. You know that this is the time that kids decided to be extra bad. I just had to deal with the fact that I found out that my 10 year old left a very colorful comment on a youtube video under my husbands account. Oh and the snowplow backed into my mailbox, luckily I saw him do it, but I had to catch him when he came back down the street. When I confronted him he said "Well it is still standing" Let me take the time to tell you what the mailbox looked like at this point. I has a post that reminds me of siding material then the metal box and a small post with a knob on top of the mailbox. At this point the whole post what ripped open and twisted and my mailbox was drooping down and to the left alittle. So the guy jumps out and looks at it and says "Hey that's broke." I was stunned. He said that he couldn't do anything right now because of the snow but that he would fix it. Then he got back into his truck and drove off. He never took my name or phone number or anything so i called the city service department and that then know about the incident. This was last Wednesday. Fast forward to today... My dad is sitting in the living room visiting with me and the kids and I hear the plow go by which reminds me to tell him about the mailbox. I asked him "Hey, did you notice my mailbox?" And I look out the window.... there is my mailbox laying in the front yard with mail in the snow. I gasped and said "They hit again!" I went outside and here is the big salt truck. It stops, the guy rolls down the window and IT'S THE SAME GUY!! He says "Oh I'll fix that tomorrow!" and drives away leaving me holding my soggy mail and heavy mailbox and top piece of the post, wearing my boots and robe because I found that faster than my coat. Yeah, it's been a long couple of weeks! I hope to get back on a normal schedule again but who knows what life will throw at me! I'm sure that I have many lessons to learn and I am willing to learn them but sometimes they can be hard ones!