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Mommy Mondays (late post! sorry!) 1-13-14 - Sharing the love!

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Being a mom of 5 it is easy to feel pulled in every direction except the way you want to go, and in the process someone will feel left out. The 2 year old needs a diaper change, while dinner is going, and then your 10 year old comes to you asking you some world changing question. (at least in their eyes!)It happens to the best of us. We don't mean to push our children away or pay more attention to one more so than the other. No mother wants to do that but it happens to the best of us. So what can you do about it so that everyone can feel mamma's loves?

You have to split your time up with each child! Even if it is only for 15 minutes, your child needs to know that for those 15 minutes they have you attention 100% without any other distraction. This can be difficult but well worth it in the end. Sometimes in my house we have jealousy over the baby. I had to explain to the other children that having a younger child requires alot of work.

 My daughter who is 8, had told me when I became pregnant with Lilah that she wished for a little sister. She has now reached the age of regretting that wish. :) I had told her that she would feel that way one day. Lilah can be very persistent when she wants something and sometimes she just wants to spend time with her big sister. She really enjoys our time together because sometimes she feels left out. Another thing that I like to do is have my husband take the boys to do something fun and then we have a girls night where we bake something yummy and do nails and baths. I also do this with the boys but usually ends up in a Nerf battle followed by ditching mom for something else (because mom isn't cool any more!) sniffle, sniffle :( The most important thing is too find what works for your family. None knows what's best for them other than you!!

Sorry this post was late getting up! You know how when you plan something else always happens to throw you off? Yeah, that happened! :)

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