Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inspirational Sundays - Finding a brighter tomorrow 2-2-14 (posted a day early because I am busy tomorrow!)

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When I first started this blog I had wanted to a day for inspiration so that I may help to brighten someone else's day. In case there was someone who read my post who needed a pick me up. I have read a few other blogs that have had this effect on me and sometimes you just need someone to say "Hey, everything is going to be OK!" and just to let you know that you are special and unique, and that there was a purpose for you to be put on this Earth. Sometimes you need light in the darkness. The world is full of some much already! I haven't wrote many of the inspirational posts because I was searching for my own inspiration.I didn't want to just give you nice lines of positivity when I didn't believe it myself. It wasn't a fun time, but I am and always be a work in progress. Ya know, you have to learn from your mistakes and if you don't make the mistakes you won't learn! That is the process. I just want to let you know that on this Sunday take time to tell someone that you love and appreciate them or give someone a nice compliment if you go to a store. Even just the simple act of smiling at someone could brighten there day! You never know what someone else might be trudging threw in their own life and that little gesture might just be all he or she needs to turn the humanity back on! You are special! You are unique! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! You have a purpose so just hold on and know that you are not alone!! Great big internet hugs and I hope this bring a smile to you face! Have a "Super" Sunday!

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